NPAHE was created as an area-wide forum to exchange information between Christian homeschoolers in the North Platte (Lincoln County), Nebraska area. NPAHE helps to link area-wide homeschooling associations, support groups and homeschooling individuals to ensure that information is easily shared. Please note: NPAHE is open to and welcomes all homeschoolers, however, those in leadership rolls must agree with our by-laws and sign a statement of faith.

The goals of NPAHE are to support our members in their homeschooling endeavors, to offer activities in which our individual homeschools cannot provide, and to present a positive presence in the community.

A private Facebook group for NPAHE is where current info and events can be found, for those homeschooling in the North Platte, Nebraska area.

6 responses to “About NPAHE

  1. Jean Buckmaster

    I may be moving to North Platte in the near future. I’m curious about if there are a lot of home schooling families in the area. Great to see this.

  2. Yes, there are many homeschooling families in the North Platte area. Our group does many things throughout the year, both moms’ get togethers and kids’ activities. There is also a local educational co-op for those interested.

  3. Melani Wonch

    Hi! I’ve been looking into the new changes that are being drafted to the rule 12-13 and wondered if anyone else (maybe someone with some legal background!) has had a chance to look at it. https://www.education.ne.gov/Legal/pdf/HDRule13_2016.pdf
    Looks like it is mostly a revision putting these two chapters under one with a check box for whether filing for religious objections or other. Also allows us to quit having to have things notarized every year (yeah woo-hoo:). But am a little concerned about it having revision already drafted before I was even aware of it. Any comments? Anyone know when it come up for the hearing to make the revisions final?

  4. Jessica

    hello! I currently live in Ogallala, Nebraska and I can’t find any information about a local group. Does your group extend this far or is it just for people in North Platte?

    • Yes, Jessica. We are for North Platte and surrounding areas. We offer field trips and other activities for children and moms’ get togethers, and an email newsletter for updates, and a private Facebook group for members to interact, and occasional other things.